Admissions New Member Candidate List, as of August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

Dear Woodway Members,

The Admissions Committee is pleased ro announce the addition of two new candidates for membership at Woodway Country Club to the New Member Candidate List. Michael and Stefania Bopp sponsored by Richard Mayock, and James and Gennie Stewart sponsored by Shannon Bass.

Please click here for the New Member Candidate List.

With our award winning golf course, magnificent beach club, and now the new pool and tennis facility, there has never been a better time to sponsor new candidates.

As a sponsor, you will see a number of changes that make your role easier. Fewer letters of support and introductions are required for your candidate. You will be assigned an Admissions Committee member to assist you and your candidate throughout the Admissions process.

For the candidate, we offer enhanced privileges, payment plans for initiation fees, and club-sponsored opportunities to become familiar with all that Woodway offers.

Woodway's vibrancy relies on the support and endorsement of all our members.

For assistance, please contact Alana Dell, Membership Liaison, at extension 209, or members of the Admissions Committee.

We encourage you to sponsor new candidates and look forward to working with you.


Admissions Committee

Whitney L. Williams, Chair

Jennifer Belodeau, Kathy Blair, Sarah Casey, A.J. Conley

Susie Crafford, Michael Cush, Emerson Martin, John Orem